Safety Tagging


Conchar Solution is the inventors and only company worldwide that offers this patented product. This innovative and patented tag can be customized to every client’s specifications. It takes out the guess work and confusion out of maintenance as well as procurement. Each trap or valve can be given its own equipment number according to your asset management system.
Valve condition indicator tag offers you the Following:
1.Open or closed indicator
2.Type of valve
3.Design pressure
4.Normal operating pressure
5.Maximum operating temperature
6.Valve location
7.Trap failed
8.Trap location
9.Trap number

Surveying Steam Valves &Traps

A structured surveying program will accomplish the following:
1. Reduce steam energy losses
2. Increase system reliability
3. Decrease combustion emissions
4. Decrease production downtime
5. Improve steam quality
6. Enable pro-active maintenance
Conchar Solutions is proud to offer this service to its clients