Duel Fuel Stabilizer

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What are Fuel oils? Fuel oils are derived from crude oil and are also known as fossil fuels. Fuel oil is any liquid petroleum product that is burned in a furnace or boiler for the generation of heat or used in an engine for the generation of power and other application where a stable form of heating is required. Depending on the grade or level of refinement necessary, normally fuel oil is the dirtiest of the dirtiest of the fossil fuels.It is the residue that remains as sludge after refining petroleum into lighter fuels like petrol/gasoline and diesel. It usually requires heating for it to be atomized and burnt into energy. NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF FUEL OIL Among its impurities chemicals like sulphur,vanadium,sodium,nickel and others,which during combustion generate sub-products which are highly corrosive and toxic(poor emissions). Machinery,Boilers and equipment suffer high wear and tear due to the metals and chemical composition of the fuel oil,corroding and damaging burner tips,nozzles,pumps,filters and valves. Expensive filters have to be changed often,raising maintenance costs. Tons and Tons of un-burnt carbon residue,sulphuric acid gets pumped into the atmosphere due to poor combustion. <u>BENEFITS OF FUEL OILS VERSUS COSTS OF FUEL OILS. Whilst benefiting from the energy extracted from these fuels,the costs remain high as human health is effected due to bad gases emitted.Also the cost of maintenance on equipment runs very high SOLUTIONS OFFERED BENEFITS OF MIXING DUEL FUEL STABILIZER PRODUCTS WITH FUEL OILS FUEL SAVINGS Conchar Solutions Products will generate fuel savings by burning the fuel oil more efficiently.A saving of 5%-10% can be anticipated. Conchar Solutions are priced such that it will be of no cost the customer!!!
Maintenance Savings Storage tanks and fuel lines-Removes sludge, stops the growth of bacteria, and converts the condensation(water to a lubricant that eliminates its effect. Eliminates the corrosive actions of Fuel Oil in the storage tanks,fuel line,pumps,injectors,combustion chamber and exhaust system/chimney.Eliminates corrosion inside the equipment, caused by vanadate's and other metals in fuel oil. Keeps burners and/or nozzles,filters,an inner chambers cleaner for longer periods,generating maintenance savings.Increases the melting point of metal elements present in Fuel Oil avoiding them from sticking to the walls and pipes within the combustion chamber.The residual ashes deposited are easily removed from the combustion chamber without the usual deposition of slag on the chamber structures.The resulting outcome will be cleaner storage tanks,fuel lines,pumps,injectors,combustion chamber and stacks/chimneys that will significantly reduce the cost of maintenance while increasing the productivity and life of the boilers and equipment.
Neutralises sulphur (gas state) and avoid the danger of acid rain-no sulphuric acid. Decreases dark smoke and reduces the amount of toxic gas emissions(up to 70%). CO reduction up to 50%. Particulate Matter reduction up to 70%. SOx and NOx reduction 20%. <u>Product Cost Conchar Solutions products will pay for itself.NO EXTRA COST TO THE CUSTOMER. Benefits for the customer in using Conchar Solutions products far outweigh the cost of our product. Application Ratio Dilution of 1:4000 Litre of Duel Fuel product treats 4000 Litres of Fuel Oil. Example: A tank of 30 000 litres of fuel will need 7.5 litres if Duel Fuel products at a ratio of 1:4000